Export Address Book
Genre: Utilities
Developer: Stefan Keller
Device:  Mac 

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Updated: 2010-12-09
( Latest Version: 1.7.7)
App Size: 1.35 MB
Export Address Book is an advanced contacts exporter to export your local* address book into various formats. It can even access fields with custom labels. It can export directly to an Excel file but supports also other export formats like TSV, CSV, HTML table and customizable vCards. It comes with a set of pre-defined export templates for common applications but lets you also create your own templates.


- Export Address Book can recognize and export fields with custom labels.

- Has native support for Excel Workbook files (.xlsx). Import your contacts hassle-free into Excel (Mac/Win), Numbers or FileMaker in one step - with dates, leading zeros and special chars (umlauts etc.) preserved.

- Export Address Book gives you total control and flexibility of what data you want to export. You are able to select which contacts or groups to export, which fields from those contacts and how to order them.

- You can export single contacts, groups, smart groups or any combination of them.

- Has export templates for common applications build-in (Outlook Mac/Win, SalesForce)

- Create your own export templates and save them to a file for later reuse.

- Export hidden Address Book fields like Creation date, Modification date, Unique Identifier and Group Membership (as comma-separated list).

- Export Address Book can produce customized vCards (3.0 format only!). You can decide which data of an Address Book contact should be included in the vCard.

- Supports Address Book’s Distribution Lists feature.

- Comes with a built-in Automator action to automate exports.

- Localized to English and German. Additionally, the languages listed on the right are supported when displaying field and label names.

*) Please note that you can't access contacts stored on a remote server (CardDAV, LDAP, etc.) with this app. You have to copy your remote contacts to a local Address Book group first in order to export them. But the app will work fine with iCloud-synced contacts -- they are also stored on your Mac and are accessible by the application.